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Welcome to our web site.

     We offer:  you the user,  an informative place where you will come back again and again.  Check our Virus updates, look around a bit, and inform yourself.

     Knowledge: is the key to a better understanding of the technological world that seems to grow by the hour.  Arm yourself well!   Do not be intimidated, there are many ways to learn and feel more confident.

     Reality2000Software: offers a variety of services for users of all ages and computer backgrounds. With the knowledge of so many programs, and the desire to continually  work on new programs the boundaries are endless.  

     Our promise: We will continue to improve our skills  so that we may help small business and home users like yourself to have an even better understanding of the technological world around you!  

     What do we offer?  Well here are  some examples.    

Tutoring in the comfort of your home or office, or in a more structured setting, you choose!

Consulting on today's technology.

Networking, Pc Repair, and Upgrades

     We can even build you a custom made system to fit YOUR needs, with unbeatable support to back it up.

     We have SO MUCH MORE! Please take a peek at our service and Product page

Thank you,

Daniel W McNulty CEO




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